Systems Biology and genomics let us design curative treatments for Alzheimer's Disease Independent and self funded to date, Neurogenica has isolated several novel gene targets for Alzheimer's disease (AD). These targets and relevant drugs represent a validated immuno-centric model for AD, with wholly new small molecule and biologic therapeutic strategies available. Contrary to existing drugs our approach cures the disease by interfering with biochemical causes of AD. Our targets offer the possibility of de novo animal models for future therapeutic development and research.The targets were identified by Dr. Torralva during 10 years of research in neuro-metabolic processes. A systems biology and analytical tools emerge from the targets. Neurogenica uses our proprietary analytical platform to directly link AD pathologies to key metabolic and genetic pathways, and computational bioinformatics, adds insight into the molecular mechanisms in the AD process. Validation in tissue and animal models is imminent and genomics data further drive target development forward.
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Total raised: $2.5M