Brain and Spine Optical Imaging Our patent pending technology is a miniature multiple region fluorescence microscope with cutting edge data collection/analysis software for imaging the Central Nervous System (CNS). Micro-optics get implanted into the regions of interest. The rest of the miniature device, which is so small that a mouse can carry it, then gets attached to the micro-optics for imaging. The microscope images and follows the activities of 100s of individual neurons in each imaging site, while the subject freely moves around. Neurescence's technology is 'fMRI on steroid'. It gives functional information with single neuron resolution, from a freely behaving subject. Our technology introduces a new paradigm for assessing CNS diseases to enable neurologists and neurosurgeons to find better treatment for individual patients. Our initial target market is neuroscientists who do preclinical research to generate enough revenue to reach our main target marker, which is the neurologists and neurosurgeons.

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