Connected health medical devices Neurallys is developing a connected medical device for patients suffering from hydrocephalus (high intracranial pressure issue). This pathology is either congenital or a result of a brain hemorrhage, brain tumor or other head trauma? It represents a surgery every 15min in the US. Hydrocephalus treatment involves surgically implanting a shunt, associated with high failure rates. Shunt failure symptoms include extreme headache, nausea, confusion, loss of coordination or balance, vision problems etc. Most of them require the patient to visit the hospital ER. This causes a lot of stress, a continuous anxiety for patients and the shunt failure diagnosis is difficult for neurosurgeons, requiring scans and often some exploratory surgery. The device Neurallys is developing aims to improve the patient comfort level, to provide neurosurgeons with a new diagnostic tool which adds critical information to their evaluation process and to reduce the healthcare system costs.
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