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Crunching data to shed light on the financing of tropical deforestation Using cutting edge technology like connected data, graph networks, machine learning, cloud (AWS), data science and our deep knowledge of how financial systems work, we?re combatting climate change by fighting deforestation at its root - the sources of funding. We take data from satellites to spot where deforestation is happening and merge that with company, financial and shipping data from governments and NGOs to reconstruct the whole deforestation supply chain. Who is paying for rainforest in Brazil and Indonesia to be cut down? Who is farming on that new land? Who is shipping the soy or beef from that land around the world? Who is buying it? Essentially ? who is funding deforestation? We?re building tools to provide this clarity. Our tools are used by environmental agencies and journalists to uncover the causes of deforestation and by banks and other investment institutions to reduce their exposure to unethical practices.
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