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Neurable makes technology that both can understand neural activity as a translational layer (Stress, Fatigue, and others) as well as be used for direct control of devices.
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Location: United States, Massachusetts, Boston
Employees: 11-50
Total raised: $8.1M
Founded date: 2015

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Funding Rounds 3

18.12.2019Series A$6M-

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03.10.202318 New And Emerging Biotech Developments Everyone Should
16.06.2023Neurable’s New AI Headphones Can Interpret Brain Signals, He...Isaiah Richard, Tech Times 16 June 2023, 01:06 am Brain waves are still a mystery to the public. Peo...techtimes....
25.04.2023Epson Invests in BCI Technology Development Startup NeurableA brain-computer interface (BCI) company spun out of the University of Michigan founded in 2016. Eps...einpresswi...
16.04.2023Neurable: The Brain-Computer Technology RevolutionNeurable is an innovative company that has taken a big step into the future, combining virtual reali...vivevirtua...
23.01.2023Startups measuring the brain that you need to knowCompanies are using biomarkers to diagnose and treat mental illness and other neurological
10.08.2021No more toys: Perspectives of VR, AR and MR realitiesNo more toys: Perspectives of VR, AR and MR realitiesstartupjed...
10.08.2021Больше не игрушки: перспективы VR, AR и MR реальностей...Больше не игрушки: перспективы VR, AR и MR реальностейstartupjed...
17.06.2021Elon Musk’s Big Neuralink Paper: Should We Prepare For The D...01 September 2020, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Tübingen: Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk goes from one
27.04.2021Стартап создал наушники, которые считывают активность мозга ...Бостонский стартап Neurable создал наушники, помогающие владельцу сконцентрироваться, считывая мозго...incrussia....
18.12.2019Neurable Raises $6M in Series A FundingNeurable, a Boston, MA-based neurotechnology company developing brain-sensing consumer headphones,
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