HRSaaS video interviewing for talent assessment of English & Mandarin-speaking candidates We have developed the interview bot to conduct competency-based interview and predict job applicants' work performance for English and Mandarin speaking populations For our corporate clients, our solution reduces time-to-hire for pre-hiring talent assessment. Neufast provides impression and potential work performance scores for Goal & Achievement, Leadership, Creativity, Learning Agility, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relationship and Emotional Intelligence based on our proprietary competency model developed by registered I/O psychologists. Our system supports English and Mandarin speaking candidates. A free product demo for Neufast is requested by emailing to Our B2C platform at provides jobseekers real-time feedback of their mock interview performance based on their facial expression, tonality, eye contact and personality. NeuCareers is featured by Mingpao as the 1st AI-powered mock interview bot in Hong Kong in May 2019. NeuCareers? client
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Total raised: $150K