IMDEA Networks Institute
ICT Prototype and Product Development 1.- Networked systems & algorithms: 1.1.- Internet routing and forwarding protocols design relying on continuous learning and adaptation, adpoting game-theory techniques 1.2.- On the systems side of networks,.we apply software verification techniques to develop tools that help network builders create more reliable networks. Funding partners Ericsson and Cisco 2.- Wireless networking, high-rate mobile devices and ubiquitous connectivity 2.1.- Vehicular LTE and IEEE 802.11p: Design of opportunistic scheduling mechanisms and interference management schemes 2.2.- Emerging wireless technologies such as extremely high frequency communication (e.g. IEEE 802.11ad) and Visible Light Communication. 2.3.- Routing and MAC layer design applied to Internet of Things (IoT) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks 3.- Energy-efficient networks 3.1.- Scheduling appliances in order to reduce electricity costs in households 3.2.- Social networks and game theory to modify user energy consumption patterns.