LinkedIn for Health & Wellness Networkinout is a socially driven networking platform that allows professionals to connect with like-minded people around health and wellness. Networkingout allows users to connect with the people they need to live healthier, more active lifestyles. Busy professionals have a difficult time balancing the demands of career with maintaing their health. The Networkingout (NWO) concept and platform emphasizes the importance of balance so that busy professionals live longer, healthier lives. Customer discovery revealed that people have a difficult time finding the resources and people to support healthy living and moreover, usually do so with people who are part of their personal/professional network. The platform will also include a corporate wellness platform where firms can manage their corporate wellness program. Firms will set up profiles on NWO to manage, track and engage employees. NWO will launch its corporate wellness platform in a later release.
Member count: 1-10