your body in 3D on your smartphone Nettelo is a mobile platform that enables the user to capture the human body and its full body metrics in 3D using a smartphone or tablet - converting everyday mobile devices into a mobile 3D body scanner. It generates a precise 3D clone of the user?s body, including all body measurements, and provides cloud solution for storing, accessing, and interrogating the human body and its metrics in 3D from any device. Nettelo doesn?t require any special hardware, devices, sensors, just a smartphone or a tablet. Our solution is free for consumers and fundamentally low cost for business customers. It?s easy to use, has ultimate mobility and no maintenance cost for businesses. By providing ?anytime and anywhere? ability to capture, analyze, access and share customer 3D digital bodies, Nettelo unlocks high value opportunities for consumers and businesses in a broad range of markets including fashion as well as medical and sport.