Netswitch Technology Management
MADROC provides complete enterprise information security MADROC is complete end-to-end protection, prevention and detection at the Web, file, data, application, mobile and network layers designed around the principles of ?defense-in-depth?; We use a combination of advanced behavioral analytics, log data analysis and web security management to identify and detect both known and signature-free threats. The products are integrated with professional security services that monitor our customers? environments 24x7x365 and provide alerts, response and remediation based on pre-determined response and recovery plans; We assume the network security role on behalf of our customers and augment their staff with security expertise and round-the-clock staffing. Our software and services are packaged into fixed price solutions available on a subscription basis depending on network traffic and data retention. MADROC provides built-in audit-ready regulatory compliance for all state and federal security regulations including HIPAA, SOX and PCI-DSS.

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