Track, manage and value your lifelong learning skills NETMINO is a new SaaS platform for learners, training course organizers and HR Managers. ? Users track and manage their education, certification and learning history to value their profile inside their company/team, during job interviews and annual reviews. ? Professional organizers use NETMINO as a marketplace to publish course, conference, MOOC and webinar agendas. They can manage attendees including follow up, budget and certifications/badges. ? Team leader and HR Managers use NETMINO to track new training sessions, business courses, seminars, conferences to create lists for their team members As a new service, NETMINO will help thousands training organisations and millions of attendees to select, track and subscribe to their preferred courses, conferences and webinars based on skills, interests, location, organisations... Now, lifelong learners can value their skills anytime, anywhere. NETMINO is in private Beta. Feel free to contact me.
Member count: 1-10