Netmera is a mobile app engagement platform. Send your app users to the point campaigns! Netmera is a mobile engagement platform which helps your apps to build a relationship between you and your users. It offers communication and engagement tools such as push notification services, pop-up messages. Those services are enriched with detailed targeting tools. They can create behavioral segments by analyzing users app usage behaviors, tag users according to their preferences, send notifications based on location, catch the user just at the moment the user aims to make an action or enter a zone. Netmera is capable of sending enriched notifications without making a change in the app. Push notifications or pop-ups can contain images, videos, maps, interactive forms or surveys. Netmera can also give you reports about how your app is performing or reports of a single Campaign. Those reports can be sent to third parties and you can show them how successful campaigns you are making!
Member count: 1-10