Net Investing sp z o o
Better LendingClub for Central Europe NetInvesting provides a Peer to Peer financing platform (P2P) for businesses to raise finance on terms which match their needs and abilities to pay; and provide investors with a range of investment projects from which they can choose. It has established a product/service that compensates for a serious malfunctioning of the market which fills a need of finance seekers and investors alike. The Platform is dedicated to Businesses with a limited access to the banking financing and looking for alternative to capital market financing sources, and Investors looking for alternative ways of investing. Through an internet platform which registers investors and showcases projects to a selected number of qualified investors. It acts as a clearing facilitator between issuer and investor in terms of capital flows based on standardised documentation. Presently developed for the Polish market the Founders are starting the next phase of expansion to the CEE region with the rest of Europe next.
Total raised: $400K