Most scalable, flexible and easy-to-use server performance test platform We are developing the most scalable, flexible and easy-to-use test platform for the $1B app performance testing market. This platform is built on top of our patent-pending Flescale technology that solves a long term problem facing performance testing community, namely the need for a test platform to be * scalable - can emulate 50,000 virtual users on one system. * flexible - can support all client actions. * easy-to-use - complex parameterizations/correlations can be done by users without a lot of programming background. Our software runs both in cloud based servers to provide cloud based testing service and on a hardware like miniPC to do testing in lab environment where cloud based test traffic can't reach. It has been used with some trial customers and got excellent feedbacks like "The test is so efficient, the script is so clean, you are really professional...".
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