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NetaG is an app that bridges the gap between 'Public' and the 'Government'. Motivation behind NetaG The 'Public' wants to share their issues to the local nearby 'Politicians' in a safe and timely manner, whereas those 'Politicians' need to act on it, resolve it and showcase their welfare activities to the 'Public'. NetaG uses text, picture, location and notification services to make this possible in a quick, simple and organized manner. How-To-Use If you are standing at the problem location For e.g. if you want to report a pothole on the road, open the app, click on the 'Pen' icon and NetaG will automatically fetch your current location(which will the help the politicians know where your issue is located). Then just take a picture of that pothole, and write the problem title and an optional description. If you are NOT standing near or at the problem location, you can manually specify the location by placing a marker on the map and provide the pictures (if any) from your phone gallery. The minimum requirement to submit an issue is the 'Issue Location' and the 'Issue Title', that's it !!!. So you can also submit an issue without providing a picture. Key Features of NetaG Be Anonymous To make NetaG a safer place for the 'Public', by default, the profile of the 'Public' is kept 'Anonymous', which means that nobody can find out who you are, what you do or where you live. Warning: Please do not misuse this feature by posting abusive/spam/sexual content, you will be blocked/banned permanently from NetaG. Anyone can be a 'Politician' NetaG believes in freedom of choice. Therefore, in NetaG, anyone can setup their profile as a 'Politician'. This helps social workers, ex-politicians and aspiring candidates to discover and resolve the issues in their area. Please Note: If you setup your profile as a 'Politician' your profile name and profile picture will be visible to everyone. Discuss with the 'Politician' The most important and useful feature in NetaG is 'Open Discussion'. 'Open Discussion' is a forum where the 'Issue Owner' and all the 'Politicians' working on the issue can openly discuss, ask questions or clarify doubts regarding the issue. This forum is visible to everyone. Photo Proof Politician's who resolve the issue can take pictures of the resolved situation and attach it to their 'Resolution'. This makes it convenient for the 'Issue Owner' to know that their problem has been resolved. FAQ's What happens when I submit an 'Issue'? When you submit a new issue, all the Politicians (the people who have setup their profile as 'Politician' in NetaG) who work near the issue location will be alerted via 'Notification Messages'. The 'Issue Owner' will be constantly updated about the status of their issue, i.e who all have been notified, who has started working on the issue, who has resolved that issue. When a 'Politician' resolves an issue, he/she marks it as resolved. This alerts the 'Issue Owner' and then it becomes his/her responsibility to check if their problem has resolved for which they can accept/reject the Politician's resolution. How do I verify whether my issue has really been resolved or not? For the convenience of the public, the Politician who resolves the issue can attach 'Photo Proofs' to show that the issue is fixed. If it's possible for you to verify the resolution by visiting the problem location, we advise you to do so. If you are not convinced with the Resolution, then before rejecting the resolution please discuss with the Politician, ask him/her for a photo proof, tell them why you are not satisfied with the resolution. What if the situation does not demand a photo proof ? In this case the politician can explain to the 'Issue Owner' in 'Open Discussion' forum about how they resolved it and if possible ask the user to physically verify the resolution.
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