TripAdvisor + Linkedin for Home Designing We have 2 complementary business models. A discovery platform that is a marketplace of architects, designers and product sellers. It is a start-to finish solution for space-owners for all interior construction related products & services. The website is live. For this model, we need help with monetization as currently the best model for monetization is an indirect monetization or leads for which the market is very small. Nestlooks: Most indian's cannot afford designers to advise them on the what products to buy, what color to use etc. We have come up with a solution that will make design affordable and the experience of buying furniture very rewarding. We propose Ikea-style concepts interior looks curated, designed and created using Indian furniture & furnishing products. These looks will be created by space, style and budget. Later this can be evolved into a marketplace model as well. We have tested with customers and so far 500 professionals have signed up
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