Real Estate Reimagined for All Nestiny is a free homebuyer education site with tools, games and curated content that empowers consumers to make more informed home buying decisions. Our modern, Netflix navigational style makes Nestiny an intuitive walled garden for all things related to the home buying process. Nestiny is always free for consumers but is available to real estate agents as a branded SaaS offering. Of the 1.4 million real estate agents dissatisfied with overbuilt CRMs, unproductive advertising, poor leads and inaccurate real estate portal information, Nestiny is a friendlier way to attract, nurture and educate clients while helping agents stay top of mind and be more productive. And unlike current lead gen platforms for agents, Nestiny is an easy-to-use SaaS suite so agents know where to focus their efforts by watching their clients' progress. Imagine highly targeted Mailchimp plus VistaPrint designed specifically for agents meeting a privately branded "Choose Your Own Adventure" for homebuyers!
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