We're Siri for the cloud Nestify is Siri for developers. Delegate your cloud related tasks to Nestify's virtual assistant by saying them out loud and your team can get back to building awesome stuff. For example, if you need to setup a web server, you can open nestify console and say "create a small web server on amazon" and it will deploy it using best practice. If you need more control, you can setup the assistant to ask you for specifics while setting up stacks or changing configuration on your cloud. You can also schedule these tasks for a later time or for regular intervals. A good example for this is, "Scale up my web server everyday at 9 am and scale it down at 5 pm". Nestify understands tasks described in natural english and doesn't need to be talked to in robot like language. Using nestify to control your infrastructure saves a lot of time and money, because the entire process takes a fraction of time it would take doing these tasks using any management tools.
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