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15.09.2015How The Green Exchange is Helping Cannabis Distribution Grow Up“I live in what most people consider the breadbasket of cannabis,” says Josh Artman, CEO and founder of The Green Exchange, Inc., speaking from his home in a small town in northern Mendocino County. “The farm-to-table trend is really popula...
01.09.2015On-demand Alcohol Delivery Startup Saucey Drinks To $4.5 Million In Seed FundingLos Angeles-based on-demand alcohol startup Saucey has delivered good times in a bottle since 2013 but held off raising VC funding till now. The service just pulled in $4.5 million in seed money to make its platform more efficient. Saucey o...
15.04.2015Nestdrop Goes Back To Delivering Weed, Adding 9 Locations Along The West CoastMarijuana delivery startup Nestdrop is back in operation today, this time in 9 cities spread across the entire West Coast, including in Seattle, Portland, and 7 California locations. This now makes Nestdrop the only weed delivery service cu...
26.11.2014Top 11 Thanksgiving Food Services and AppsBrace yourself: The Thanksgiving dinner is a center point of the holiday for a lot of people, and this year I want to help you and yours find a happy balance at the intersection of food and technology. There are countless apps and services ...

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