Making battery production sustainable to accelerate the transition to renewable energy NEST iON was founded in 2013 to make better batteries for the police. We gave them a battery with 50% more capacity in our first year. Our HQ is in Dublin, with R&D in NY. In our business journey we realised a much bigger problem; the lack of progress in battery production technology that was killing innovation and delayed the transition to renewable energy. To solve this problem we have reinvented the electrode production process: Our new technology looks at three key things: cost reduction, the environment and enabling future material technologies. We have cut production costs in half by dramatically reducing capital investment in equipment while using 10 times less space, less manpower and less time to make environmentally friendly electrodes. An important part of our success is the fact that our technique is an enabler of new technologies that have been unable to scale up until now.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $250K