Selenium cloud at your fingertips Web apps have gotten hard and only going to get more complex and more critical. Being able to ship them fast and bug free becoming important in a battle for users who have many choices and extremely meticulous. However, testing is hard, time consuming and non-core. Do you want: - to ship faster and more often? - to be in a control by looking at simple reports which update instantly? - to make sure a product or an update was rigorously tested and bug free? - to have a piece of mind that your production systems are monitored in a way your users use your system and alarms go to the right people at the right time? Our system - Nerrvana solves all these problems. It is a SaaS cloud service which: - can run functional tests in parallel - provides platforms and browsers on demand - has no monthly subscription. Pay purely by minute of use. Auto recharge to top up your balance - does not require tests customization to run in our cloud. Joining and leaving are so easy. There is no lock-in