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The perfect way to buy custom shirts online Neronote is an online brand of customizable Italian shirts for men. It breaks with the traditional e-commerce of standard clothes, a legacy from the physical distribution, by providing smart and informative ways for the customer to digitally interact with the brand offering. This way he can get his perfect shirt, by style and measures, and reach a totally new level of satisfaction! Neronote is a perfect fit for digital distribution. Not only it provides an unmatched variety (20 billion different shirts, 2000 high quality Italian fabrics) but also, manufacturing each shirt specifically for each customer, it slashes return rates and boosts satisfaction. Clothing e-commerce made easy. Neronote is a perfect fit with men clothing need, respecting the individuality of each customer even in a mass market. To achieve that, Neronote masters three processes: 1) providing an informative & smart shopping experience 2) managing in real time the supply chain 3) developing specific technology
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