Intelligent Marketing for E-commerce Neowauk Ads - Neowauk Ads is a unique product for creating interactive display Ads for your Business. The Ads created using Neowauk Ads can be displayed globally on the internet using Neowauk's Ad Exchange Partners. Neowauk Ads is one of a kind and will deliver better ROI than any other display Ads. Neowauk Ads also has a retargeting feature, which displays attractive offers to window-shoppers potentially converting them to buyers Neowauk Events - With Neowauk Events, you as a retailer, e-tailer or any other B2B or B2C business, can host interactive and intelligent marketing events on your website. This right time marketing tool is smart enough to identify the customer and will present the most suitable events, when she/he visits your website. Neowauk Events provides a way to host different types of events tied to different customer responses/actions. Each of the events lets you incentivize the customers into taking the required action. See youtube.com/watch?v=sALI3Ah-4dQ
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