Neo-soul Entertainment
We are a concert promoting startup that focusing on international student market in US History: Neo-Soul Entertainment (????) was established in the year of 2012. The High School Students Rock Union, which is the association that under the name of Neo-Soul Entertainment is the biggest high school musical association all across China. Neo-Soul Entertainment will host the biggest student music festival in China in each year. We targeted to develop the youngest bands and cooperate both Strawberry Music Festival and MIDI Music Festival since the year of 2013 for broader coverage of our music. Also during the year of 2013, we released the first collection album of high school rock bands with their original songs in the Chinese music industry. During the year of 2015, with the support of Jing Rui Estate Foundation, we held a high school charity music festival and donate tens of thousands yuan to Dan Zhai middle school in Guizhou, China. In the end of year 2015, we moved to US and started focusing on developing Chinese music performance in North America.

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