We built Gustaf, a marketplace for digital sheet music Based in Antwerp, Belgium, neoScores has built Gustaf (gogustaf.com), both a Store and App, allowing you to browse, buy and play digital sheet music from Beyonc? to Bach and enjoy many improvements over ordinary paper scores such as effortless transposing, showing/hiding parts, making annotations, adding color to name but a few. You can also use an in-app metronome, playback & a tuner to make playing easier. Several music publishers already work with Gustaf including Schott Music, Alfred Music, Music Sales Group, Norsk Musikforlag, Golden River Music and Metropolis Music Publishers. neoScores was founded in 2013 by three musicians who share a profound love for music and are dedicated to making it easier for musicians to play, practice and perform music. In 2014, neoScores won the Foxconn Prize at the Startup Nations Summit. neoScores is part of the European Tech All Stars and is supported by iMinds and Start it @kbc. It?s newly brand store and app Gustaf launched in 2016.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $2M