Neos Ventures
A new approach to insurance. We use smart tech. to prevent bad things from happening Technology: We start with a the latest smart home technology, designed specifically to protect you, your family and your possessions. Monitoring and Emergency Assistance: Then we bundle in a 24/7 monitoring and emergency assistance service, to be there for you if something still goes wrong. Insurance: Finally, we add a 5 Star Defaqto rated home insurance policy, so you're covered no matter what. All of it controlled from a single mobile App.

Funding Rounds 2

DateSeriesAmountInvestorsDeal News
26.05.2017Series A$6.402753M-Neos Secur...
19.10.2016Seed$1.228624M-Neos Raise...

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26.05.2017Neos Secur...Neos, a London, UK-based
19.10.2016Neos Raise...Neos, a London, UK-based