InDesign meets Final Cut for mobile apps with native code output Visual mobile app design with native code output. ? Create multi-screen layouts in a visual environment ? Built for designers ? Story-driven interaction design ? Lets developers concentrate on business logic and advanced features Neonto outputs readable code directly in the target platform?s language (Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android). The produced code uses platform features directly ? there?s no runtime or framework involved. When you export from Neonto, you get a readymade project in compact native code. The project can be extended in Apple?s or Google?s dev environments, or published in the App Store or Google Play. The tools in Neonto are perfect for creating apps that have a lot of high-impact visual content or multimedia, for example: books, comics, music albums, video-based interactive experiences... With the simple concepts of menus and storylines, you can build all kinds of interactions ? everything from touch-scrollable dynamic menus to complex vector scenes.
Member count: 1-10