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wearable enabled platform with a vision to bring down infant mortality and morbidity rates The Nemocare Raksha is an IoT enabled smart wearable on the baby's foot which monitors 7 vital parameters that will give the complete picture of the baby's health and this data can be accessed at a central monitor by which the nurse or doctor can continuously and remotely monitor all the babies through a single interface The entire system along with our deep learning algorithm works as an intelligent platform that will track the baby's health in the most accurate way possible and give only insightful notifications and alerts to healthcare workers to enable timely intervention when a distress condition is detected. This platform will help collect, store, visualize and analyse the data generated. This can enable a paradigm shift in clinical diagnostics and preventive care through a data driven approach.Inherently the data may be used in real time to provide early warning scores or other predictive indicators, and used offline to develop new predictive algorithms.
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