Non-Electric Air Conditioning Technology NEMCO LDAC has patented the first non-electric air conditioning technology that uses only 2% of the electricity of conventional systems during hot and humid weather. This is a world changing technology because not only is it non-electric, but it also optimizes the indoor environment for health and productivity. Since it is competitive in cost with conventional systems, it will quickly dominate and redefine the global $100Billion/year air conditioning industry. Air conditioning systems have always been working against nature to cool and dehumidify buildings, consuming huge amounts of electricity and fossil fuels and polluting our air all while creating poor, often unhealthy indoor air. NEMCO LDAC changes everything by working with nature and using clean, renewable energy sources for optimum indoor environment. NEMCO LDAC is the first step in meeting the Paris Climate Agreement, the Kigali Refrigerant Ban and reduces Hospital Acquired Infections from airborne contaminants.
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