Nembeza Wildlife Foundation
Preserve, Protect, Proliferate Endangered Wildlife Globally Nembeza?s Mission Statement is simple: Preserve, Protect, and Proliferate endangered wildlife GLOBALLY. We are hands-on and tactical in our approach and NOT simply an administrative engine proclaiming we work on strategic initiatives which ingests the majority of our funding . We like to get dirty and our founder can be found in the bush rescuing orphans, dehorning rhino, or tracking poachers. We are currently experiencing the 6th Mass Extinction in our planet's history and we are determined to reverse the pending cataclysm which will make us the Loneliest Species. #loneliestSpecies Nembeza has partnered with some of the most successful private reserves, breeding and rescue programmes in order to execute and extend our mission. WE CREATE RESULTS BY SIMPLY FOLLOWING OUR P3 Philosophy.