Architectural design and energy efficiency & building envelope consultant The Solar Activated Facade (SAF) is an exterior cladding system that can absorb solar radiation and store its thermal energy over 4 to 12 hours into the night in order to counteract and offset the heat loss through a building envelope. It is composed of a wooden lamellae structured core/absorber that acts as a thermal storage device which is covered by a transparent glass that acts as a protective cover against the elements and helps trap the collected solar energy. Furthermore it has an air gap in between to help regulate the thermal intake during the winter while reducing it during the summer thus creating a reversal cooling effect. There are no moving parts. It is simply the geometry and physical properties that maximize the solar intake during the winter and minimize it during the summer. It is very low tech, highly effective, extremely sustainable (low embodied energy) and very architectural. Example: A wall with R-20 can be converted to a wall with greater than R-150.
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