NorthEast Logistics Systems LLC

NorthEast Logistics Systems LLC
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Our Company Profile: NorthEast Logistics Systems, LLC is an independent consulting and transportation services firm specializing in rail consulting, GIS services, GPS solutions, asset management and operations improvement. Since 1999, we have worked with select clients to jump start new business initiatives and strategic business growth programs. Since 1999, we have brought hands-on experience, skills and know-how to solve tough transportation problems and manage complex projects, working effectively under tight time constraints where timely execution is paramount to achieving desired results. We recognize that in order to be effective, we need to thoroughly understand our clients business, strengths, challenges, people, customers, differentiators and areas of risk. Accordingly, we focus our practice on long term partnerships with select clients. We look to partner with forward-looking companies to help them achieve their business objectives through long term relationships. In this way, we can better assist clients with tactical business issues, new strategic initiatives and provide guidance as the industry adapts to new economic and regulatory realties. We have the analytical tools, expertise and support necessary to help you make fact-based, data-driven decisions aimed at increasing bottom-line results.Through strategic alliances with other consultancies and select service providers, we provide complete, tailored solutions to specific immediate needs. We look to partner with forward-looking clients to help them achieve their business objectives through forging long term business relationships. We work with organizations to optimize freight logistics expenditures – particularly for rail transportation. We do this through supply chain management, modal evaluation, asset management, service planning and operations execution. Our customized solutions and philosophy are tempered by decades of experience in all aspects of rail operations, logistics, marketing and business development.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Framingham
Phone: +1 617-418-3570