Nektra Advanced Computing

Nektra Advanced Computing
In addition to providing a family of desktop application integration APIs, Nektra Advanced Computing maintains highly skilled professional services that specialize in helping organizations integrate their solutions within desktop applications like e-mail clients, web browsers, instant messengers and many others. Developing advanced add-ons can be a virtual jungle. Some APIs are undocumented, some are documented, but don't really work the way you'd expect or want. Plus, the information available is limited. What to do...? That's where Nektra Advanced Computing comes in. Nektra is the leader in creating innovative solutions for developing add-ons. Our flagship products: Windows Live Mail™ API, Windows Mail™ API and Outlook Express™ API are currently the most used worldwide application programming interfaces for integrating desktop and web applications to those e-mail clients. Our products and services are being used around 30 different countries, including Fortune 500 companies. In software development engagements, Nektra Advanced Computing works with clients to determine needs and provide options to work together. Our software development services involves a complete team, usually it includes key members as a project leader and QA to handle the development process and its quality. Are we the right company for you? There is only one way to find out.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Boston
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2003