Neighborhood Innovations
The first solution for Sustainable Growth & Redevelopment We developed LandMentor to supplement or replace existing CAD and GIS based solutions. It is a single core technology that will be the basis of growth - in its present form serving land surveying, site grading, earthwork, advanced land planning, financial modeling and site related architecture with interactive 3D and VR as a by-product of the normal workflow. Projected in 2020, it will have full features Civil Engineering which will give it's engineering related users the ability to replace their CAD with a more powerful system. The intelligent precise spatial data (and internal DTM) is the basis for advanced design, instant reporting of economic and environmental impact and easy 3D. LandMentor translates to and from DWG, DXF, Collada, as well as from SHP, & rW5 formats. LandMentor is sold as a single packaged solution that eliminates modules, add-on's, and pesky subscriptions. It includes (to initial sales) perpetual updates and upgrades (support and training extra).
Member count: 1-10