Negocio M?gico S.A.
All-in-one-place pet owner app Kukipet allows pet owners to communicate between them in order to buy, sell, donate, adopt or breed their pets. In addition the application permits the user, through ads organized in categories, to access the main pet services in the city: veterinary, hotels, trainers, pet walkers, etc. Pet market business and professionals can hire an Add, easily through the app itself paying by credit card or debit card. The Ad prices are set according to the size, time and type of city. The user can access a virtual catalog and buy any product for pets, from food to toys. This will be achieved by articulating our platform to a local partner with sales for delivery. We will receive a percentage commission for each product sold through Kukipet. Kukipet shows together in one place, products and services available in the pet market in each city, organizing them by categories and proximity (geolocalization). Kukipet app is a free download use and capable of operating globally.