Negentropics Artificial Intelligence
True NLP Semantic Search Technology Our product, BrightMeUp!, can change the way people search for information and read news. There are three main functions of the app: Search (Explore), Avatar (the trainable AI tool), Newsfeed. Search (Explore): The length of the search term may vary from one word to extremely long texts. The received hit list is arranged by relevance. The relevance of hits is based on NLP semantics without using tags, metadata, or user profiling. Based on the content only. You can teach your Avatar with relevant part of an article or with a whole article from the hit list, or with documents from your PC on a certain topic. Then set the focus. Your Avatar ? with its pre-taught knowledge ? will read all the new articles published on that topic day by day. You can read all the relevant articles in the Newsfeed listed in chronological order. You can search with the Avatar (with its complex knowledge). The hits are displayed in order of relevance.
Member count: 11-50