Think Need, Think Nefow !!! Nefow - Need for Now is a tool which lets you address your needs to a vast network of your known contacts and generate leads and replies through references in private. For example: Looking for a cook? or Can you suggest a good summer camp for my kids? The Problem : Social networks have amazingly increased your social connectivity. You can now connect with your best buddy or your childhood classmate or the girl you met in a train journey, in one platform. But, the problem is you only share what?s happening in each others lives or share interesting facts or forward humour. Think about it, how many of these people are actually approachable in time of need. Imagine if you can also use this social reach of yours to help you with your daily needs. Imagine the power you have The solution: We are making an app which lets you establish a support system with your people which is exclusive for posting your needs and getting instant replies. Yes we experimented and learnt this is truly magic.
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