Northeast Dental Management Inc.
Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, Northeast Dental Management is a leading provider of office support services to dental clinics in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. NEDM provides over 100 affiliated dentists and their staff with services such as administration staffing, human resources, purchasing, accounting/finance, and information technology. Each year, Northeast Dental’s affiliated clinics in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia provide 100,000 patients with the highest quality dental care via a full suite of best-in-class general dentistry, oral hygiene, and specialty dental services, including oral surgery, periodontics, pedodontics, and orthodontics. Northeast Dental offers patients dentistry services at competitive prices in friendly, well-appointed dental clinics. Most clinics are in suburban areas in retail and business locations. Northeast Dental's strategy is to grow by providing support services to other dental offices in its existing geography. In January 2016, having owned the business for almost four years and having achieved our investment objectives, NEDM was sold to private equity-backed Dental Care Alliance. Since Sentinel's original investment, NEDM made 24 add-on affiliations, which enabled it to more than double its number of offices from 29 to 65. During our ownership, NEDM expanded its geographic footprint from four to seven states along the Amtrak Corridor, and its revenues and profits more than doubled. NEDM remains well positioned to continue growing under the leadership of its outstanding management team.

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