A global social impact platform NEDDIE is a social impact platform where non-profits, companies and donors collaborate. Our platform is focused on giving exposure to all non-profits and companies that are making a global social impact. We provide tools and services that will ultimately cut outsource spending so that non-profits and companies? resources can be allocated more effectively, and their growth improved financially. NEDDIE aims to lower expenditure making way for more donations to reach the cause. We are combining all the traditional aspects of donating into one platform. Whether they are donating money, offering in-kind services, participating in marathons or hosting fundraisers, donors want the power to choose how they engage with the causes that they support. NEDDIE empowers donors with an elevated donor experience making it a platform that donors trust. Why NEDDIE: NEDDIE offers services and tools to non-profits, companies and individual donors that provide transparency, simplicity, and the support they need to focus on the success of their cause. NEDDIE?s Services: Nonprofits and Companies: A functional dashboard for companies and non-profits where they can operate and meet most of their business needs. Some of the applications included in the business dashboard are; marketing, B2B collaboration, budgeting tool, create campaigns, donation analysis, among others. Donors: NEDDIE provides a social media application where we empower donors to choose how they engage with non-profits, share their social impact stories and have all their donations and volunteer hours in one place. NEDDIE strives to be the most effective social impact platform for donors, non-profits, and companies to collaborate in support of their cause. We are currently building the platform and aim to launch the Beta later this year 2020. To learn more, go to neddie.co.
Member count: 1-10