Robust Employee Experience System Nebula is a robust Employee Experience System... An "All-In-One" information, engagement, performance, and development EXS used by all employees within an organization. From Learning Management to Performance Management to an Intranet Site to Employee Social Engagement to Survey's and Analytics... this tool provides employees with the communication, engagement and development they're looking for. It's as easy to use as Social Media and even easier for HR administrators. Whether you've got 50 to 50,000 team members, we've got you covered. Designed and developed by working Talent and Software Executives, this tool is vital to retaining, engaging, developing and promoting your workplace as an employer of choice. Nebula EXS interfaces with any HRIS system and takes the place of your tired Intranet, your unused LMS, and your likely non-existent digital Performance Management system... and it does so much more! Take your Employee Experience to a new level with Nebula EXS.
Member count: 1-10