nebinn - Explore & Find
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Analysis and discovery of findings in the data #Nebinners are data explorers. At @nebinnexplofind we guide in the analysis and discovery of findings in the data. #Bigdata #Predictiveanalytics #Marketresearch #Socialmonitoring to decide in real time and increase profitability. - Information is the S XXI oil. Nebinn puts Big Data technology within everyone's reach, for its intuitive use and low investment. - Exploring is in our DNA since we are children. Nebinners are data explorers that guide companies in discovering the hidden stories in the data (both the internal data of the organization, and external data from social networks, public databases, etc.) - Insured ROI - Improves the profitability of the business. Nebinn implements dynamic dashboards on mobile devices that facilitate real-time decision making, cost reduction, and revenue growth.