Smart Parking taken to the next level We see @nearpark on Car dashboards guiding the drivers to nearest parking spot on the street. We see @nearpark enabling local govt agencies to better plan for congestion free zones in Central Business Districts. We crafted @nearpark app to tell drivers about the best parking spot near them - that will be vacated in the next 5-10 minutes. We crafted @nearpark app to present you with a contextually aware UI based on whether you are driving, parked or just walking/shopping. We have an innovative solution that predicts street parking spots in advance of 5-10 minutes without using sensors and expensive infrastructure requirements. We have figured an innovative way to connect the mobile of the driver and the car to do that and more. Apart from street parking, in the rising India market, we are also piloting and on-boarding AirBnB styled spot leases and advanced spot bookings at venues and malls.
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