NearBuyer matches homeowners who could trade homes to be closer to their respective jobs app.slidebean.com/p/iTqLjjC4UU/NearBuyer We are building a unique smart city algorithm so that people can walk to work instead of waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. With NearBuyer you can buy a house nearest to where you want to live...AND...at the same time, be able to sell your current home. NearBuyer connects two house buyers so that they can make an exchange. How it works: Enter your current address. Then enter the address of where you want to live near. NearBuyer will then match you with another house buyer who has a house of similar value near where you want to live. And, this other buyer happens to want a house in your area. An exchange can then take place, with some additional money changing hands. Welcome to the shared economy for real estate?
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