Blind & Proximity Dating app, outrightness 1) N2U is a social proximity blind dating app able to connect different unkwnon people based on a deep profiling system. N2U want?s to be the answer to a long list of needs not yet satisfied by our competitors in the dating industry 2) N2U is able to give a quick and fresh answer to the customer needs, making interact people upon a profile basis that will help matching the perfect mate either for a ?night? or a ?long lasting relationship?. Thanks to N2U the customer will be able to interact directly with real people placed either at a long or a short distance based on the ?need? The foundamental needs/problems are: NO time for social life quick time of interaction self-esteem shyness insecurity privacy & protection 3) Our high spender customer is M/F single in a relationship married px whom works and has a college degree 35-65yo Our low spender customer (user) is: M/F single, in a relationship, married px whom studies in high school, college,... does not have a job 16-30-35yo
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