A Movement School, Not a Gym It's Everything you SHOULD have learned in PE101, but you didnt. And now, years later, you find yourself going back to relearn the basics. What you need is a Practice, not a Workout. There's only one way to find out... ndsathletics.com/every-saturday-1230pm-130pm-free-workshop-class.html Tired of those big name commercial gyms, annihilation training boxes and impersonal, uneducated 'image-based' personal training coaches? Designed by a Sportsmedicine Professional, REHABILITATE, MAINTAIN and IMPROVE your Movement Ability with Just 3 hours per week. This (1st Ever!) Standardized General Physical Preparation (GPP) Program can be a complete (stand-alone) Injury Prevention and Functional Strength & Conditioning regimen; or a Foundational Athletic Movement platform for more sports-specific work. IT'S ALL-INCLUSIVE! Flexibility, Balance, Agility, Strength, Power & Conditioning all-in-one-class with very minimal exercise tools.