The Ultimate Endorsement Marketplace In simple terms, NDORSA is the startup that makes it easy for people to make money from their internet reach. Why are we different - We give complete endorsement control to smaller and less popular internet profiles. NDORSA allows advertisers to pay endorsers to endorse their product, service or cause. These advertisers can search for and request endorsements from online endorsers and those with an internet reach on a wide range of social media platforms. These are, currently, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitch, Itunes and LinkedIn. There are two parties that will use the website Advertisers - Anyone who has something that can be endorsed or advertised. Examples: Businesses Club Promoters Start-Ups Apps Services Even Specific Causes! Endorsers - A person or group with a reach or following on the Internet. Examples: Podcast Owners Youtubers Bloggers Online Personalities Popular Facebook Pages Gamers Instagram/Twitter Personalities