NCubeRoot - IT outsourcing marketplace NCubeRoot is an IT project outsourcing marketplace. Organizations/Freelancers can register and without competitive bidding select projects with 100% matched skills to complete. Founded in 2018, Its Headquarters is located in Bangalore, India. We have built this venture as a safe platform for the IT organizations and all individual freelancers to find their way to success through interesting projects we provide. The key features of NCubeRoot are: 1. NO BIDDING - The projects which suit your comfort and expertise can be picked from the portal. 2. All CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES are borne by NCubeRoot. The requirement documents (BRD), payment for the projects are being taken care by NCubeRoot. 3. A continuous flow of projects provided. - No need for marketing and project search. 4. TECHNICAL/QA ASSISTANCE - The projects are being QAed by our test engineers. 5. Proper agreements being provided.
Member count: 1-10