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The University of Illinois' National Center for Supercomputing Applications provides powerful computers and expert support that help thousands of scientists and engineers across the country better understand our world.
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Location: United States, Illinois, Urbana
Employees: 201-500
Founded date: 1986

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13.05.2024Introducing NVIDIA’s CUDA-Q™ Platform For Quantum ComputingWhat Is The News About? The use of NVIDIA Grace HopperTM Superchips by nine new supercomputers around the world is speeding up scientific discovery and research, according to NVIDIA. Powering these systems is artificial intelligence (AI), w...
13.05.2024NVIDIA Grace Hopper™ Superchips to Speed Scientific Research and DiscoveryWhat Is The News About? NVIDIA announced that nine new supercomputers throughout the globe are utilizing NVIDIA Grace HopperTM Superchips to accelerate scientific research and discovery. These systems are driven by artificial intelligence (...
10.11.2023Silicon Valley manifesto reveals the colonial vision of a tech industry billionaireSource: Unsplash/Alexandre Debiève article-article-body In 1993, Marc Andreessen was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he also worked at the US-government-funded National Center for Supercomputing Applic...
17.02.2023Meet the founder: HabiTerre discusses the importance of credibility before commercialization in agtechAt the tail-end of 2022, investment platform Foodshot Global unveiled the winners of its Groundbreaker Prize that recognizes scientists developing tools for more productive, sustainable farming. University of Illinois professor Dr. Kaiyu Gu...
02.12.2022Эволюция HTTP. Часть 1. Краткая история развития самого популярного протокола Всемирной паутиныПривет! Меня зовут Глеб Гончаров, я руководитель группы разработки клиентского продукта в СберМаркете. В серии статей я рассмотрю историю развития протокола HTTP. Полное обсуждение семантики выходит за рамки, но понимание ключевых изменений...
05.10.2021Gopher, конкурент WWW из 90-х, который пока не стоит списывать со счетовВ этом году мы отмечали 30-летие со дня создания всемирной паутины. Естественно, такая дата не могла обойтись безо всяких гиковских воспоминаний и нытья по тем временам, когда жизнь была проще. За три десятилетия Веб развился из многообещаю...
15.01.2021Want To Study The Sky? Astronomers Release Huge Data Set To The PublicThe Victor Blanco telescope is a 4-meter wide telescope located at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American ... [+] Observatory, Chile. It is used by the Dark Energy Survey collaboration to study galaxies billions of light years away.(Fermilab/Reida...
30.03.2020Microsoft teams up with leading universities to tackle coronavirus pandemic using AI With the coronavirus impacting most of the world, the medical community is hard at work trying to come up with some type of magic bullet that wil...
30.11.2015This duPont has more to do with coding than chemicals: meet Ben duPontBen duPont started cutting deals as a young man. In the 1970s, the social web wasn’t quite yet available, but he still wanted to connect with the world. So at 13 he earned his ham radio license. “My parents made the negotiating mistake of s...
30.05.2013HIV structure cracked using GPU-based simulationsThis week, a new paper described how researchers pieced together the entire molecular structure of the protein shell of the HIV virus using GPU-based simulations. This remarkable achievement not only paves the way for new therapeutic approa...
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