NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Startup Enabler - We help entrepreneurs create products with go-to-market strategy 360 degree solutions for startups and SMEs to help entrepreneurs get started from ideation to MVP/PoC/Product development, understand key target audience with a go-to-market strategy and help with further scaling up of the product. Some of our ready-to-go products: 1. BistroStays ( lets you start your own vacation rental website without moving a muscle. Core features include search, property listing, booking, calendar sync etc. along with payment gateway integration to help automate your holiday rental business. 2. BooknRide ( lets you start your own on demand taxi booking app. Live precision tracking, dynamic vehicle management, admin console for overall viewing, rider panic button. 3. Nlance ( - Start your own online freelance site or reverse auction marketplace using Nlance platform. 4. Taskgator ( - Services marketplace, On Demand, Sharing Economy.
Member count: 201-500