UK Data Processing for Academic Research Projects NCODED is a Private, Not for profit, UK Organisation committed to processing data for BOINC Research Projects that directly, or indirectly save lives. We currently process data for a number of Worldwide Academic and Private Research projects in the fields of Science, Medicine, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Computing, and Technology. ncoded.com ClimatePrediction (University of Oxford, UK) GPUGrid (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Spain) Asteroids@Home (Charles University, Praque Czech) Rosetta@Home (University of Washington et al, US) World Community Grid (IBM and International Universities) SETI@Home (University of Califonia, Berkeley US) Einstein@Home (University of Wisconsion, Milwaukee US) Collatz Conjecture (Illinois, US) PrimeGrid (International) twitter.com/ncoded plus.google.com/+ncoded linkedin.com/company/ncoded instagram.com/ncoded pinterest.com/ncoded medium.com/@ncoded tumblr.com/ncoded about.me/ncoded